CFP: Romantic Urbanature (November 15, 2017)

Please consider a paper proposal for the below conference on Thelwall and urbanism!
Romantic Urbanature
Organizer: Kate Scarth (University of Prince Edward Island), kscarth(at)upei(dot)ca
“I may contemplate the wide spread varieties of wave and wood, vales, meads, and villages, white sails, and glittering spires that court the eye below,” writes John Thelwall in The Peripatetic (169). Again and again, Thelwall praises such diverse landscapes, here combining the natural and the cultivated, the residential and the industrial, the workaday and the spiritual. This panel explores urbanature (city and nature combined) by Thelwall and other Romantic writers, particularly urbanature’s implications for ecological and social justice, human and animal rights. More broadly, this panel will enrich green and urban Romanticisms. Papers will build on the recent scholarship that has added urbanism to Romanticists’ traditional emphasis on nature and more recent focus (since the 1990s) on ecocriticism (see Chandler and Gilmartin, Hess, Nichols, Rigby). In line with Congress’ 2018 theme, the panel will highlight the diversity of Romantic urbanature. Papers in whole or in part on Thelwall’s urbanature are particularly welcome but work on other Romantic writers engaging in a Thelwallian spirit of democracy will also be considered.
Please send required files to: kscarth(at)upei(dot)ca by November 15, 2017.
Required files:
  • A 300- to 500-word proposal (with NO identifying marks of any kind)
  • An ACCUTE 2018 Proposal Information Sheet (note: Word file)

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