New Project by Judith Thompson: Now Recruiting Students and Collaborators

Having been awarded a major grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Judith Thompson is recruiting students and collaborators for her new project, Raising Voices: The Legacy of Citizen John Thelwall. Consistent with the mission of the John Thelwall Society, the aim of this two-part, 4-year project is to revive and raise Thelwall’s voice and values, and connect them to communities that still struggle to realize the democratic rights and liberties for which he fought.

  • Part I, Citizen John, will produce the first complete biography of Thelwall, combining print publication (for an educated general audience) with knowledge mobilization through public workshop-walking tours that follow in his footsteps geographically and ideologically.
  • Part II, Words and Work, seeks to overcome the still-fragmented state of Thelwall’s archive by publishing accessible electronic editions of heretofore unpublished or inaccessible Thelwall texts, produced by graduate students under my supervision.
  • Funding is available for MA and PhD students, who will be trained in editorial and archival methods, both traditional and digital, and then undertake independent digital projects, to be published on the Words and Work Each of these projects will also have a uniquely Thelwallian activist/outreach component, as students will forge links between the texts they edit and various communities (local or virtual, academic or non-academic) whom those works might mutually benefit.
  • One of the incoming PhD students, ideally with some digital media experience, will serve as a digital coordinator, helping to train and mentor incoming students and to liaise with digital humanities communities, as well as to maintain the project website. The coordinator will also assist in the publication of student research projects on the site, and facilitate its development as a multimedia forum for the wider communities engaged by the “activist” components of both projects (eg. maps, visualizations, performances).
  • Post-doctoral candidates may also apply for the prestigious Killam fellowships
  • As part of the Thelwall team, participants will join a tight-knit, dynamic and generous community in the Department of English at Dalhousie University, in the culturally rich and vibrant seaside city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Members of the Thelwall Society are invited to spread the word among promising students.