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JTS at BSECS 2016 (Oxford)

Please visit us at BSECS 2016 (6th Jan 2016 to 8th Jan 2016, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom)!

Our panel is titled “Growth, Expansion and Contraction: British Jacobin Orators under the Cosh in the 1790s” and has been organized by Steve Poole.

Steve has provided the following summary of the panel discussion:

“This John Thelwall Society panel revisits arguments about the impact of popular and judicial repression upon the growth and expansion of radical extra-parliamentary politics in Britain in the mid 1790s. An escalating number of arrests for sedition and High Treason, physical attacks from church and king mobs, and the passage of Pitt’s “Gagging Acts” in 1795 all struck at the resolve and effectiveness of popular democratic societies, but the extent to which they contracted or dissolved remains uncertain. We revisit this question here, by focusing on the divergent experiences of four important orators from the Corresponding Societies: Henry Redhead Yorke, Thomas Muir, John Gale Jones, and John Thelwall.”