26-27 March 2021
London-Paris Romanticism Symposium (Paris, France) 

Judith Thompson will be giving a keynote lecture on Thelwall’s French Connection: Les Voix des Girouettes at the Paris-London Romanticism Symposium, whose topic this year is Oaths, Odes and Orations. Extending the intellectual cooperation that has always been a feature of both the Paris-London group and Thelwall Studies, Thompson’s lecture will cover a little known episode of Thelwall’s life, his visits to post-revolutionary France between 1814 and 1819, and the networks he cultivated among revolutionary philosophes and materialist practitioners there.

6-8 August 2020 [CANCELLED]
NASSR 2020: Romanticism and Vision, 28th annual conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (Toronto, Canada)

The John Thelwall Society organized a panel for the NASSR international conference. Unfortunately, the conference has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Our panel, Vision and Voice: Elocution and the Embodiment of Poetry, was slated to have four speakers:

  • Christoph Houswitschka (Bamberg). The Prosody of Democratic Sensibility in John Thelwall’s Poems written in close confinement in the Tower (1795)
  • Mark Diachyshyn (Montreal). “All-Subjugating Cause”: Competing Visions of Passion and Prosody in Baillie, Thelwall and Wordsworth
  • Moinak Choudhury (Minnesota).”’Mind is Man!’: John Thelwall, Autodidacticism, and Martial Enthusiasm”
  • Paul Whickman (Derby). “’Will no one tell me what she sings?’: Writing, Reading and Listening in Wordsworth’s ‘The Solitary Reaper’”

Past Events
4 August 2018
Seventh Annual Thelwall Lecture: Dr Judith Thompson, “John Thelwall and Mary Shelley: Reviving a Radical Legacy” (Wordsworth Trust Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, UK)

24 May 2018
John Thelwall Blue Plaque Event (57 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London)

5 August 2017
Sixth Annual Thelwall Lecture: “Romantics–thou shouldst be living at this hour!” (Wordsworth Trust Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, UK)

21-23 July 2017
Second International John Thelwall Conference (University of Derby, Derby, UK)

5 November 2016
First London Lecture: Dr Judith Thompson, “The Ghosts of Garden Court: John Thelwall and the Haunted Summer of 1816” (57 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London)

6 August 2016
Fifth Annual Thelwall Lecture: Dr Patty O’Boyle, “Celebrity, Scandal and Reform: John Thelwall and the Beautiful Boyles” (Wordsworth Trust Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, UK)

25 June 2016
Conference: The Worlds of John Thelwall (Fordham University, New York, USA)

28 May 2016
Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival

25 July 2015
Fourth Annual Thelwall Lecture: Dr Ian Newman, “John Thelwall and the Art of Toasting” (Wordsworth Trust Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, UK)

25-27 July 2014
Inaugural John Thelwall Society Conference: “John Thelwall at 250: Medicine, Literature, and Reform in London, ca. 1764-1834” (University of Notre Dame London Centre, London, UK)

2 August 2014
Third Annual Thelwall Lecture: Dr Michael Scrivener, “John Thelwall and Slavery” (Wordsworth Trust Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, UK)
For an article-length version of Dr Scrivener’s lecture, please see Thelwall Studies.

15 June 2013
Second Annual Thelwall Lecture: Dr Steve Poole, “Disarming the Jacobin Fox: John Thelwall and the Art of Satire” (Wordsworth Trust Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, UK)

15 September 2012
First Annual Thelwall Lecture: Dr Gordon Bottomley, “John Thelwall and Radical Medicine” (Wordsworth Trust Jerwood Centre, Grasmere, UK)

4 January 2012
John Thelwall Society Inaugural Meeting: Jacobinism, Place and the (Re)reading of the English Landscape (BSECS 2012, Oxford, UK)