The John Thelwall Society is the first international society dedicated to the study of the late-eighteenth-century enlightenment polymath, John Thelwall—radical republican orator and writer, democratic reformer, poet, playwright, novelist, historian and speech therapist.

The Society will endeavour to:

  1. Promote public knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of John Thelwall’s life, ideals and accomplishments.
  2. Follow the example of John Thelwall in informing and educating those who campaign for a democratic polity and the global advancement of human rights and civil liberties.
  3. Maintain a publicly accessible website to advance knowledge, benefit and enjoyment of John Thelwall’s life, works and times.
  4. Hold conferences and other educational events, open to and accessible by everyone, to enhance understanding of John Thelwall’s achievements and their significance for the present age.
  5. Develop a listing of primary sources related to John Thelwall.
  6. Secure newly discovered and newly available primary sources relevant to John Thelwall, making these available as educational resources for the benefit of everyone.