Statement on the Ukraine

Embracing our mission to follow John Thelwall in promoting education in democratic polity, and the global advancement of human rights and civil liberties, the John Thelwall Society supports the people of the Ukraine, in solidarity with all those who resist aggression and struggle for liberty.

On August 14, 1833, Thelwall spoke out against the Russian invasion of Poland in terms that create a dizzy sense of deja vu. He said that

He should regret that the cause of Poland were considered a subject for party politics, but he should regret it still more if their cause were considered merely an object for charity… If the feelings of Europe could not be roused to withstand their aggressions, the barbarians would be diffused by force over the face of every country, and Russia would rush forward and destroy the liberties of other kingdoms as it had done that of unhappy Poland.

—Judith Thompson, General Secretary and Archivist, John Thelwall Society.

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