Book Announcement: Judith Thompson’s _John Thelwall: Selected Poetry and Poetics_

We are pleased to announce the publication of Judith Thompson’s newest book on Thelwall and to offer a 30% discount for all JTS members! See description and discount offer below.


Judith Thompson restores poetry to its integral place in the long and diverse career of John Thelwall with the publication of John Thelwall: Selected Poetry and Poetics. Showcasing Thelwall’s poetic range and originality, practical fluency and influence, this groundbreaking volume contains 125 fully-annotated poems and eight critical essays drawn from both his published work and the unpublished Derby manuscript. Organized by genre and chronology according to Thelwall’s own instructions, it introduces his poetic genesis and development, theory and practice in the context of his pioneering work in other fields, as well as historical traditions, the poetry of major contemporaries from Blake to Byron, and recent critical paradigms of sociable, performative and gendered romanticism. Eight chapters cover the range of Thelwall’s poetic forms, from the pastoral that was fundamental to his revisionary poetics, to the satirical ballads and comic poems, the experimental sonnets and odes, and substantial excerpts from his “constitutional epic” The Hope of Albion, as well as a selection of his surprisingly erotic love poems, combining seditious and seductive allegory. A man of his time who was also far ahead of it, Thelwall offers fresh insights into the function of poetry in the public sphere, and a new approach to reading romanticism, based on the spoken rather than the written word. To access the Discount for members of the JTS, click here:

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